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Hi there. I’m Cat I’m Cat Archer Underwood, The Brandologist.



Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to connect with exactly the right people, out there in the digital jungle?

As The Brandologist, it’s my mission to join up the right businesses with the right people.

No cheesy marketing tactics, no hiding behind an image that doesn’t feel like you. No holding back with putting yourself & business out there. This is good, honest branding that beckons them to you, even across a crowded digital landscape.

What’s a Brandologist? A harmonious mixology of brand strategist, creative consultant, mentor & teacher. I help small businesses & personal brands gain clarity, confidence & a cohesive look to be proud of. I take a gentle & detailed approach, that means you feel an inner knowing that the image & story you project online is truly authentic to you & your values.


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everything you need to know about branding, step by step, with me by your side. Never doubt your brand again.

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Kind Words


From the moment I put my company in the hands of The Brandologist, I knew that they were safe hands! Through the whole process, Cat was guiding me and calming me - I was a nervous WRECK about the branding, as I am not “visual” - but through everything, she was ALWAYS right (don’t tell her I said that) about keeping the core strengths of my brand AND my personality coming through to a very professional FULL BRAND that I am incredibly proud of. Cat gave me confidence in sharing my brand VISUALLY and I have NEVER had that before.
— Trudy Simmonds, The Daisy Chain Group




Just 2 seconds. 

Your ideal client can see, feel and sense what makes you brilliant within the blink of an eye.





When you create a brand that authentically articulates your values & unique strengths, your ideal clients just ‘get’ it.

Imagine a cohesive brand experience, so no matter where people find you - it always feels like you. Ideal clients get it & you quickly build trust. This is totally achievable & you can even do it by yourself, starting now.




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