My vision is to better the entrepreneurial brands of the world, by adopting an attitude of excellence & authenticity. I passionately believe that truth & meaning is the only way to thrive. 

I’m one-part creative, one-part strategist & all-parts passionate about making brands extraordinary. I love the countryside, wine & stories. Fan of toasted marshmallows & campfires & lover of the Chanel brand (one of the most fantastic personal brand legacies).

I’ve built brands for FTSE 100 blue chips & for individual entrepreneurs building their businesses in various corners of the world. I’ve got a First Class Degree in  Business & Marketing, I’m CIM trained in branding, customer experience & I’ve completed training in Colour Psychology as well as various other courses & mentorships in different elements of branding & storytelling.

But more than my technical credibility in the field, I’m a strong believer in continuous learning, reading, questioning, listening, feeling, enjoying & absorbing. Some of our best creative moments come from taking a step back & noticing small details, emotions & energies around us. I truly believe extraordinary brands have the power to excite, delight & impact people. 


After a lifetime in a family business & a decade in corporate, I’ve honed a process that unravels your unique strengths. 

  • Detail, detail, detail: It’s my greatest strength to consider all of the angles

  • Hand-crafted: whenever possible I take an artisan approach to create meaningful, one-of-a-kind brands using gifted illustrators, letterers or pattern designers

  • I use Colour Psychology as a creative framework, which gives a beautiful & harmonious brand style by identifying the Season of your brand personaliy. This helps business onwers understand their visual brand & keep on track