Be more you: 10 reasons to blog with personality


Tone of voice is a great way for small businesses to stand out. This piece focuses on why your personality is an asset when it comes to blogging & communicating.

Your business needs your tone of voice

I’ve recently come across an interesting thing. I noticed the way some business owners talk is utterly, utterly different from the way they write. I see small business owners talking animatedly, passionately, with humour & interest. Then, when it comes to emails & marketing, revert to a rather bland corporate style.

Granted, if you’re a financial advisor or a lawyer, you have to take things seriously. But
your brand IS you & I believe we can all channel a little personality into our writing style (otherwise known as tone of voice), especially when we blog.

10 reasons why being a bit more you is good for your content

1. It’s more interesting. 
Do you like things that are flat & boring? No? Then why write like that. Professional, of course, but it’s ok to inject a bit of character.

2. It’s more recognisable 
You spend time developing a proposition, logo & brand design that’s unique to you. So it stands to reason to develop the words & writing style too.

3. It’s relatable 
In our generation of live video streaming & social networking, people want things to be “real” & instant. Not polished adverts & well-rehearsed scripts.

4. It’s not samey
Many bigger corporates all sound the same, because they have huge sign off processes. Let’s take the energy sector for example, would you be able to recognise one leading brand from another, if you hide the logos on their ads?

I say embrace being small & agile, leverage your ability to be a bit different.

5. Helps to define your brand personality 
If you think of your brand as a person, how would you describe him/her? Personifying your brand is a step towards creating a clear identity. A clear brand identity means you have something not just recognisable, but also repeatable. Being repeatable means other people can sound like you, so you can grow your workforce & outsource without losing your integrity.

6. It’s warm 
Nobody likes a cold shoulder. People are always drawn to warmth.

7. It doesn’t have to be everything, all the time 
Good content is about getting the right message across to the right people, in a way that’s engaging. Sometimes your customers just need to cut to the chase & that’s ok. Don’t “force” personality or try overly hard to sound unique.

It’s all about being natural & trying to channel your natural charisma into your written communications.

8. You might enjoy blogging a bit more
If you blog or make regular videos, you might sometimes feel like it’s a chore to tick off your list. Being a bit more you might help you to enjoy it!

9. Having an opinion is more likely to garner respect
So this one’s a little controversial, but I love brands who put themselves out there & give their opinion.

If you want to be seen as an authority within your market niche, it helps to give your view. Why else would a customer want to know what you to say, above what anyone else out there has to say? In time, your target market might seek out your perspective & trust your standpoint.

10. You might sell more
Has anyone ever told you: “it’s not what you said it’s the way you said i”? I bet most of us have had some kind of altercation in our lives where tone of voice comes up.

If we ask someone to do something (e.g. buy from us), if we do it in a way that makes them want to be associated with us & feel happy about buying from us, they are more likely to do just that.

To learn more about tone of voice, try the American way

In the US, they talk about voice and tone. The tone is changeable depending on the situation (e.g. customer complaining isn’t the time for humour), but the voice is your identity & stays constant.

I prefer this approach. Mailchimp are tone of voice champions & make it really easy to understand with this website.

See how adding a bit of personality goes for you. Start with a blog then move on to your other marketing content; in time, you could have yourself an interesting, warm & inviting tone of voice.

Example: Brit brand getting it right

Here’s a business that started small: Brewdog was just two guys who really, really like “proper” craft beer. Take a look at their messaging; their web pages, packaging etc. It’s got personality, it draws you in & makes you want to try their product, without being too try-hard.


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