The secret of brand vision

Are you a forest person or a beach person 🌳🌊? .

I love both, but have to say it's the forest (or just green fields!) that energises & calls to me most. .

Nearly every brand I'm involved in has some kind of link to nature, whether it inspires the creative or whether my client's ideal client is a nature lover - it's always a common theme. .

And there's an abundance of inspiration right on our doorstep here in beautiful Hampshire, whether coast line or country. I feel incredibly lucky to live here & call this place home ☀🙌

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most inspiring women of our time. I love her passion & if I ever feel in doubt about myself, my business or my future, a quick You Tube later & all is right. Her quote about becoming what you believe taps into my passion about brand vision, so let me share this secret with you. 

Create the greatest & grandest vision for your life, because you become what you believe
— Oprah Winfrey

What is Brand Vision?

Your vision answers ‘where you’re going’. Mission is all about ‘Why’. Values is all about how. Personality is all about ‘Who’ & Ideal client is ‘Who for’.

It’s your vision that YOU need the most.

Because it’s your vision that’s going to take you to play bigger, stay focussed & keep you going during the tougher seasons of your business.

What do you believe?

When you believe in your product, your services, yourself & the mission that drives you, you send out a message of confidence. You make it known that you have an unwavering belief & people respond to that.

People respond to strength of mind.

When you take action on those beliefs, you start to become them. Because you can only invite others to believe something that you yourself believe.

For example, if you believe you’re a sell out business owner in high demand, the methods you need to achieve that can open up for you - you spot the opportunities that you wouldn’t see otherwise, and you don’t reject them out of a sense that you aren’t good enough. Basically you show up & become more actively in tune with what is going to help you.

Inspired action

When say yes to uplevelling your brand, you actually do more than the tangible changes you make to your designs, messaging & photography.

You are sending out a message that says ‘Yes, I believe’. You are taking an inspired step towards the vision you created, because you are moving forwards TODAY.

It’s a little known secret of crafting an aligned & powerful brand.

One of my clients recently accelerated her Course & group programme because working on her brand helped her to feel so confident. She felt ready. She felt just so excited to show off her brand she didn’t want to wait anymore.

And this kind of energy is a natural outcome of creating a brand that feels amazing. That really captures the essence of you & you can believe in it. You feel credible, you feel one step closer to your vision, because you actually are.

Brand is belief

Here’s the thing.

Brand is not design. Brand is not images, colours, funnels, platforms, speeches or printed signs.

Brand is very simply a belief.

What do others believe about you? About your promises? How do they feel when they buy from you? What do they say about you, that comes straight from the heart without thought or consideration?

It’s the sum of all parts that leads to a brand belief that’s aligned, authentic & powerful.

It’s you having your vision & believing in yourself.

It’s you making the decision to communicate your strengths & connect with exactly the right people. It’s you taking inspired action, gently, step by step, in a way that feels good to you.

The secret of brand vision? 

So the secret, little known benefit of brand vision, is that when you take the time to work on your brand the very act of doing this in itself brings you confidence & belief, because you are physically moving a step forwards.

Therefore honing your brand, feeling aligned, putting a message out there, it’s a way of stepping towards your big vision like never before. Because you are making a statement that you are ready.

How amazing is that?