5 Top Tips For Your Personal Branding Photoshoot


5 tips to prepare for your personal brand photoshoot

#1 Create a moodboard to set the brand vibe

#2 Plan your wardrobe & props with at least one brand colour

#3 Think about important looks & poses to show you doing what you do

#4 Agree essential shots for marketing, e.g. a wide hero image or instagram squares

#5 Plan locations & target timescales. The day will disappear I guarantee you!

Tips unravelled:

#1 create a moodboard to set the brand vibe

Your brand is your promise of how it is to experience working with you, buying from you, etc.

So think about you on your absolute best day, working with your favourite types of clients. What’s that like? How does that feel overall for you & for your client? What do you love about your brand?

Focus your thoughts then pin images, colours, quotes, clothes, brand boards, art pieces & locations that speak you’re drawn to & work with your overall branding & messaging.

For example, if a core value for you is to empower women to feel confident, you might be drawn to images showing women happy, laughing in sociable situations – laughing, wearing bright colours & using confident body language.


#2 plan your wardrobe to have at least one brand colour 

Look out for celebrity icons who represent your brand values & personal style, or even for others in your niche whose photography & style you aspire to. Can you emulate what they’re wearing?

Then find one or two pieces of clothing and/or props that fit with your colour palette. This gives visual brand cues to your audience, to deepen that all-important brand recognition.

For the actual shoot, plan what items go together & how easy it will be to change when you’re out. E.g. I changed into a full skirt initially for the outdoors shots, so I could then easily do a swap to jeans without being indecent on the streets!


#3 choose poses to show you doing what you love

Think about the ways in which you interact with clients or do work for them. What are the things you would normally do? You can recreate these in your shoot.

For the actual pose, think about your values & brand personality, then take a look at the role models you chose in #2. Are they posing in a way that draws you to them? Do they look powerful, commanding? Or perhaps approachable, friendly? Are they focussed on their work?

All of this pre-thinking will help to make the most of your time on the day & to keep your brand messaging on point.


#4 Agree essential shots for marketing

I can’t stress this one enough.

Time & time again in corporate world we would get carried away in the bustle & excitement of a shoot, then find ourselves with too many portrait images or not enough negative space for promotional messaging. 

Think about HOW you will use the images & the design of your website, & make sure your photographer is well-briefed for what you see as being essential.

If you do lots on Instragram & want a suite of square images to overlay messages, make sure your photographer knows that. If you use lots of wide banners on your site, again – tell your photographer, & don’t forget to ask for plenty of negative space for copy.


#5 Plan locations & target times

The day will disappear I guarantee you!

What are the things that are important to you & also your clients? Fresh air & the great outdoors? Perhaps aspirational settings like a pool-side sun lounger or high-end cocktail bar.

Talk this through with your photographer & always keep your brand values & client aspirations in mind. 

Then choose a location where preferably you can walk to all of the shot locations you want.   Ask them to make a timing plan so you know when you need to move on to the next shot, otherwise I can promise you the day will simply disappear (especially watch out for spending ages doing hair & make-up!)

I made this video last year, after my shoot but before I rebranded. I thought about taking it off my site or updateing it, but I still love to see how far the brand has come!


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