Client Journal – Rebecca Lockwood

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the journey of rebecca lockwoodA

Rebecca is a motivational success coach. She coaches women just starting out in their coaching careers, who who have a fire in their belly & a gut instinct that drives them to make an impact on the world.

But they might not know exactly how to do that, they dont have the confidence, or they carry around beliefs about themselves that hold them back. So Rebecca uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to unpick those beliefs & bring them into her community of like-minded entreprenuers.

During our VIP intensive day together, Rebecca explained how her own life journey helps to see & understand the unsaid things from her cients – the desires they have but aren’t yet able to reach. Rebecca has an incredible story. She’s triumphed over challenge & she continues to rise up in her life & business.

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what’s her brand all about?

The key to creating a brand that feels right & connected to you, as well as to the people you want to attract, is to put truth & heart right at its core. Your brand is part of you: it’s your light shining brightly for the world to see, it’s you showing up & getting yourself out there in a way that’s brilliant, beautiful & honest.

So we must land on your own particular gifts qualities that you bring to the table, & the reasons people buy from you. For Rebecca, it’s her energy & this sense of movement: that when you work with her you will move forwards. It’s also about having an impact – both Rebecca herself & her vision for her brand, but also each & every woman who experiences or hires Rebecca, has her own vision to make a difference: to make an impact.

So I spend a whole day after our session togther, to really get under the skin of Rebecca’s stories & ambitions. Then do the same for her ideal client. What is the invisible thread that draws her clients to her? How is rebecca connecting to them?

I brainstorm, think & play around with ideas, before organising my ideas into the Colour Psychology framework & rooting Rebecca’s brand into her primary season. I decide whether there’s a subordinate season & start to make notes for my creative brief; e.g. how can we show a lightness of momement (Spring), combined with impact (Winter)? How can we capture energy & optimism, but warmth & approachability?

A week later I play back to Rebecca my creative vision for her brand & her core themes. This is an exciting screenshare call & really sets the whole direction for the way we’ll create her brand.


brand creative

Rebecca instantly loved her mood board & all of my thinking. So without any tweaking, we moved straight into concepts & creative development. 

Here’s where I bring in my designer, Jayne.

I’ve worked in this field for well over 10 years now & let me tell you Jayne is phenomonally talented. She draws, writes, brainstorms with me. Creates new ideas constantly, sketches, conceptualises & is another soul who’s connected to nature & the abundant beauty around us.  We make a perfect team & love us to get immersed into a new brand. 

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brand elements

We all have parts of nature & elements we are drawn to. You might have a sign or symbol that’s important to you. A totem spirit or animal energy that you feel is significant. You might have places you love. For example, walking in the woods, being by the water, watching a storm or sitting on the rocks observing a calm ocean. There are special places for us where we each breathe more easily & feel more free & able to flourish.  

The point here is that when we create our brands with our own heartbeat at the core – we want to tap into the essence of us that captures the fire, spark, talents & passions. By using elements of nature that remind us of this feeling, we extend this hightened version of ourselves into our visual brand.

It’s how we then style the element that’s the science & creative part of the process, where I apply colour psychology to guide the process, & we use design good practice to bring it together a whole.

 For rebecca, her sign from years prior is a Flamingo. We also used a second element of a butterfly, for all that it symbolises in transformation & ripple effect from a single flutter of her wings. 

Rebecca loves the water & loves to dance –  I wanted to bring these energies into the brand, which is all about movement & impact. Water ripples felt perfect. The pattern of water is utterly unique. And it’s different too inside the butterfly & Flamingo, as we’ve adjusted the fall of the lines to honour what’s more fitting for each animal & to give a sense of fluid movement through the lay of the lines.


final development & execution

The crux of the lovong care & attention that goes into creating a brand, is in the refining stages. Once we’ve shaped the overall concept, it’s time to fine-tune the colour palette, typography, refine the hand-crafted elements & overall stylistic apperance of how to bring it all together. 
Typography is one of my absolute favourite creative outlets & I loved the day I spent researching & testing out pairings for Rebecca. I wanted to keep the core heading & body fonts simple – in particular the heading font has fine, clean lines with no flourishes. This is deliberate to weave in the Spring subordinate, while also providing yet more contrast with the bright, vibrant colour palette.

The adventurous accent font really lifts the energy & will be a great fit for social media graphics posts, as one of Rebecca’s hero brand elements. We’ve also extracted a ‘wisp’ of the water ripple pattern as a websise page break device & creative underline.

The result? A whole, cohesive brand identity that shares Rebecca’s truthful story.

So here’s Rebecca’s brand in all its glory & check out my Portfolio for more mock ups.


are you reading to show up in your brand?