Branding for the multi-passionate entrepreneur

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Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur, passionate about lots of things & not sure whether to bring them all together into one brand, or focus on just one or two? Then this one’s for you!

Branding for the multi-passionate entrepreneur

I first learned the term ‘multi-passionate’ from my personal branding mentor 2 years ago. At the time, I was freelancing as a web designer - a route I chose despite a brand & marketing background because it seemed fun & the work came easily. 

In the early days, I think it’s easy to ‘follow the money’ & do the work that there’s an obvious need for...the trouble is, that doesn’t necessarily satisfy your passions & it’s likely to leave you feeling discontented.

At this time for me, I felt conflicted & had a strong instinctive pull into the world of branding. At the time, I also enjoyed dabbling in graphic design, photography, writing about my experiences as a new Mum who left corporate AND I also felt excited by the idea of creating courses & marketing funnels...

In short, the inside of my brain was a mess of ideas & multiple passions I didn’t know what on earth to do with, but knew I waned to get it right & make a success of self-employment.

what I learned

Since then, I’ve learned that all the training & development in the world can’t help you to see clearly when you feel invested in your own problem. I can’t speak for you - but in my own experience, the feeling of indecision & being stuck was like a well-worn comfortable pair of boots to keep going back to. 

By not fully committing to a path, it meant I couldn’t really fail because I hadn’t really gone all in.

And it’s quite an exhausting place to be because for every time you progress with one idea or passion, you might flit back to another.

So let me break down the process I went through, in case it helps you too. 


the hobby from the business

It isn’t necessary to choose between passions. That’s right - you don’t actually need to let anything go. 

All you need to do is decide on what’s a business & what’s a hobby. 

If you’re entrepreneurial by nature, it might be your go-to behaviour to monetise everything you do AND talk about it. But you don’t always need to. 

For example, you could write for the sheer pleasure of it, nothing more. You could make candles, cakes or help people with their book-keeping here & there, just because you can & you want to.


but don’t brand for it

Speaking of this, you could offer services that are ‘on-demand’, which is to say YOU decide when you do & don’t offer them. 

For example, a past-client may need a service that you are happy to provide (& they want you because of your relationship), but you don’t need to advertise it or document it in say Instagram Stories, because it might confuse what the core focus of your brand is all about. 

An example of this might be a new-born photoshoot for a past wedding client, or marketing help for a coaching client.

These are just closed, invite only services that you do for the right people here & there or simply when the mood takes.


knowing when it IS right to brand for multiple ventures

Of course, while you can disregard one or two passions as hobbies or invite-only, what about everything else? How do you bring together multiple business ventures into your brand?

Well, you need to answer what I call ‘gateway questions’.

  • How different are my audiences? 

  • How will I divide my time & resources? 

  • How different is my pricing?

  • What does this look like in my big vision?

When you get a sense of the answers to these - even a slightly nebulous answer - it will give you your brand strategy, which is broadly speaking on of three: 




brand strategy

making a choice

If your audiences & pricing are similar, you are fine with a single brand - even with tiers of services or different packages. 

If they’re very different then you do. 
If they’re different, but you’re a one-person outfit & your vision doesn’t include growing team, then you’d still use a single brand strategy. 

You can read more about this & see some examples on my blog about Sub Brands.

Whatever route you decide, don’t forget this wonderful world of brand is rarely black & white & i rarely stands still. You WILL evolve & adapt & each of these strategies allow you to do that, so just remember a decision now isn’t a decision forever.

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