3 tips for easy Instagram story branding


Do you love instagram stories but want to improve the branding (with minimum effort!)?

Then you need to read on for some simple branding tips: no need to be a technical wizard & no need for 3rd party apps - you can do all of this on the fly, within Instagram itself, so it stays easy & spontaneous, but looks a bit more like you.

tips for instagram story branding

Stories are GREAT for showing more ‘real’ images & footage that you don’t need to obsess over whether or not it fits in with your grid. I absolutely love them & find it’s a great way of showing who you are & sparking conversation with your followers. It’s quick, easy & fun. All the things you want for social media & a lovely tonic for a curated feed that needs more time & attention.

But how can you make it look more on-brand for you, without spending ages designing graphics & ruining the very thing you love most about them?

Well, I have some instagram story branding tips right here for you to help with exactly that.

TIP #1

write in your brand colours

Colour is the most impactful of all of your brand visuals. So even using the standard fonts, a colour change is going to instantly feel more recognisably your brand.

You can change the colour of the text & backgrounds by using the colour chooser in the app & opening up the wider palette. All you need to do then is find the closest match to your brand colours.

  1. Select the text button (the Aa top right)

  2. Hold your finger down on the colour that’s closest to your brand & you’ll see a whole palette open up

  3. Move your finger up for a lighter tone, down for a darker

  4. Match to your brand colour by eye (try not to do it in bright sunlight as then it’s really hard to tell what the actual colour is)

  5. Write your text

instagram colour palette.jpg

TIP #2

Change the text background colour

You can also change the background colour, which is great for making sure your message is legible over the top of an image

  1. Write your text

  2. Add a background using the colour closest to your brand (tap A with the little stars top left)

  3. Highlight the text, as though you're going to copy & past

  4. Choose the colour again

  5. Hold your finger down & choose from the wider palette


Match text to your brand colours in Instagram stories


rainbow & ombre effects

Ok, so I’m not counting this as an official branding tip as it’s unlikely you’ll do this in your brand colours, but it’s fun & interesting to play around & helps to add a bit of variety in sometimes, especially if you have a long sequence of stories as it will help retain your viewer’s interest. So here’s how to play with multiple colours for one line of text.


Choose custom multi-colours for your instagram stories text


TIP #3

colour-block the background of your story

You may also want to do a text-only story using a solid background, which is very easy to do in your brand colours, or just choose plain white (or a neutral) & add your on-brand text over the top.

  1. Choose a photo or take one (it doesn’t matter because you’re not going to see it)

  2. Select the pen button top right, next to the text button

  3. Choose your colour along the bottom or by holding it down to open the palette

  4. As if you’re about to draw or handwrite something, hold your finger down over the photo. This will colour in the whole thing into a solid background

Instagram story branding tips

So there you have it! Quick & simple tips to brand your instagram stories, without using Canva or other design tools, or any external apps.

For me personally, I love Instagram (a LOT) & I love polished branding, but the latter shouldn’t stop you from having fun & being yourself online, sharing something when you feel inspired to share.

If you found these tips useful just use the share buttons below for your own followers. And do tag me in your stories so I can see what you’re up to! I always reply & might repost too. Here’s to on-brand but not laborious instagramming.