Why Year One in Business is Like Fresher's Week


At some point we all need to come up for air & properly re-evaluate our personal brand & our mission in life & business. It’s that time RIGHT NOW for me, so I’m digging deep, spreading my wings & making some big changes. 

Freshers’ Week

I spoke to a lovely marketing mentor recently who described year one of running your own business as being like Fresher’s Week.

You make friends with everyone, join all the clubs & go to all of the events (that your liver can handle!).

Then, a few weeks later, you realise that Chess Club isn’t really chic-geek after all, it’s too bloody cold for hockey these days & you only really want to be friends with the people who are smart & fun (as opposed to smart OR fun).

Year one in business is kind of like this, where you try out different corners of the market, say yes to everything & try to figure out what fits.

So when you’re in this mode, it’s actually pretty tough to look INWARDS and say ‘what do I love in all of this? Where do I want to hang out for a while & build up my brand’?

Tough love

Anyone in business knows you HAVE to niche. If you talk to everyone you talk to no one. You also compete with everyone else talking to no one.

Gary Vaynerchuk is famous for his take on entrepreneurship in our digital world:

‘There’s never been a better time to go into business. But it’s never been harder to get people to care’.

Tough love perhaps, but I totally agree.

We’re swarmed with messages, we’re swarmed with promises of a richer life or a problem solved. And these messages get to us ALL the time, thanks to our smart devices.

There are a number of strategies for dealing with this, but for me, it starts with your personal brand or your business brand.

I can’t put the cart before the horse; there’s no point marketing, networking & building visibility if you’re not crystal clear on your brand values & who your ideal client is.

Questions & branding process

So it’s time to come up for air, dig deep & ask lots of questions. Then, look outwards again to identify the best-fit niche & what their needs are, to laser-focus on serving them specifically & uniquely.

The idea is to love what you do & who you do it for. Afterall, we can all go out & earn a good living if we want to, but it takes more than money to feel content.

So I’m here, as my own client to myself, on a brand & messaging journey. How much of my business is Cat the woman? What do I REALLY stand for? How do I express that visually? What’s my client’s story & how does this connect to mine. What’s my mission that’s bigger than I am?

In short, it’s a time to push myself & expand into the business I dream of. Gulp.

It’s a nerve wracking & exciting time! Even this blog post is a challenge. Why? Because it’s me talking as me, straight from the heart. That’s actually quite a hard thing to do.


Paris, I’m coming!

THIS Saturday I am in Paris for my branded photoshoot!

I’ve been getting WONDERFUL business coaching from a seasoned personal branding & visual identity expert to help me with developing new branding & visibility packages. And of course to help with relaunching my own brand.

She’s a mentor as well as a professional photographer, specialising in branded shoots for entrepreneurial women. She’s in Miami, I’m in Winchester…So we’re meeting in Paris!

Urgh I’m so nervous it’s kind of like getting married again!! I’m worrying about getting a skin break-out, or falling over or looking too moody/happy/something that’s just wrong.

I invite you to come with me on this journey & share the adventure, & I sincerely hope to share yours with you too    Deep breath…Here we go…

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