Ines Kaps

Brand Identity Creation

Ines Kaps is a projects coach for women in corporates. She’s a leader at KPMG & approached me to help her launch her own personal brand to align with her big vision of supporting more women in project & IT all around the world.

She’s a master NLP practitioner & has several Degrees under her belt, not to mention languages, marathons & speaking events. I felt truly inspired by Ines & wanted to excavate her incredibly positive & energetic personality with her professionalism & big vision into a multi-layered visual expression.

I’m incredibly happy to have consulted for Ines across her whole brand launch, including her website design, email design & lead magnet creation. We also created business cards & a Facebook cover design.

After my in depth discovery process, we decided Ines’s brand pillars are elegance, curiosity, positivity & togetherness, underpinned by her strong value of respect. So I developed her tag line

‘Being all that is possible, first of all, is being curious’

In colour psychology, I rooted her brand into Autumn for all of it’s determination & curiosity, with a healthy dose of the positive & energetic Spring to lift the aesthetic. 

Teaming up with a talented designer & artist, Jayne Bradd, we then brought this vision to life. The font for Ines is hand-drawn, so you cannot buy this or find this anywhere else. Jayne created the concept of murmations to show birds elegantly synchronising together in flight. There are four unique birds, each whic hand-painted using fine art pens, then we’ve used a gold foil backing to lift into an elegant design across brand patterns & elements. 

Ines’s website is created in WordPress, using the theme she was familiar with. I teamed up with Inov8 Marketing & Clean Slate Websites to structure the site, edit the content, design & build it. Then meanwhile I designed the email & lead magnet ready for Ines to immediately grow her list on launch. Working as a team like this not only gives specialist attention in all the most impactful places, it means if you’re busy running your business you need not leave it for a stressful rebrand. 

I creatively direct the entire aesthetic from start to finish, make it authentically on-brand, on-point & smooth running.

Ines’s outlook that absolutely anything is possible when you are curious about what could be possible, which has totally rubbed off on me during this process!

Ines Kaps business cards
Ines Kaps

Words from Ines Kaps…


“I’ve had amazing feedback from a friend, who knows me well: This is one of the most authentic websites I’ve ever seen. If you could package Ines up into a bundle on the internet, this is what you’d get.

This is all looking very, very beautiful.”

Ines Kaps, Projects Coach