Brand Identity Creation

 ONLE are leaders in the networking space; integrating real-world monthly meetings at high-vibe venues, with training & one-to-one digital health checks. The brand ethos is to quite simply to grow your business in the two most effective ways: building a meaningful network & effective online marketing. ONLE is the complete package whose mission is to bring a new, high-value type of networking to the market for efficient growth online & offline. 

The core strands that run through this Hampshire brand are simplicity, cleverness, genuine warmth & expertise, as well as a strong sense of community. To convey this, we’ve used colour psychology to root the brand into Autumn but incorporated a strong Spring subordinate, using the clarity & light side of the season. We’ve juxtaposed substantial fonts & muted colour palettes, with space, symmetry & finer lines. The acorn leaf is an exact mirror image of the roots.

You get out of networking & learning what you put in to it: from roots comes growth. 

Using reflective design like this represents the way effective business relationships work in harmony, as well as the meeting of online & offline worlds. The brand element acorn/oak leaf itself shows growth & strength & lends itself to a beautifully simple icon with the roots coming up around it as as circle. 

There are a total of six different typographies in the full brand identity: using ‘notebook’ forward leaning scrawl to emulate the notes taken at a workshop or meeting, with chunky slab serifs & ultra lights to really draw upon the mirrored values – so we convey the authenticity & community centred vibe of autumn, with the cleverness & simplicity of spring, contrasting both together for the shared value of growth & ambition.

Overall the brand is designed to be flexible & scalable, without losing the warmth of its founders. 

The ONLE website is still being designed but you can learn more by taking a look!