Rebecca Lockwood

Brand Identity Creation

Rebecca is an NLP Success Coach & serial entrepreneur, featuring on a Forbes 2018 hottest female entrepreneurs to watch & authoring a book in 2017. Rebecca’s brand is all about action & energy to achieve & have exactly what you want. As a heart-centred, passionate & visionary leader, we rooted her brand into Winter, with a sprinkling of fun, agile & optimistic Spring energy to appeal to her clients wishing to move forwards with their lives & business.

The brand contains a theme of impact, movement & releasing, which plays into Rebecca’s work to help women release what holds them back, but also Rebecca the woman loves to dance! She holds a strong believe that we each make our own impact on the world – hence the use of the butterfly element to incorporate the butterfly. And the flamingo is a sacred sign for Rebecca – one she’s used in her brand since the beginning, so we felt it was important to keep her, but retouch & remodel to fit with the new brand style.