I often see ‘lego brands’, built up from different blocks over the years. Some blocks work, others don’t & sometimes all of them together just don’t come together as a whole. Sometimes this means relooking at the strategy behind the brand & other times it’s about polishing the visual style & message, to gain more cohesion.



  • You feel some elements of your brand are in a good place but not all of it

  • You have changed your strategy, products or services a few times & need to step back to see it all as a whole

  • You’ve invested in branding & website design, but you’re not confident you’re implementing it all in a cohesive way

  • You want to prioritise resources into areas that will commercially help your business the most



Revitalised Brand is a bit like having a health check. You’ll see where the gaps are & steps to follow in order to make positive changes, starting with the most ‘serious’ things first.


The package is tailored to fit based on your own objectives, but follows this process:

  1. Questionnaire for me to understand your business journey so far & your aspirations

  2. Discovery session via Zoom (or in person if local), to gain deeper insights to your target audience, services & the customer experience

  3. Brand audit carried out by me

  4. Findings & recommendations are sent to you via a written report or video, whichever you prefer. Your recommendations are put into a prioritised plan that’s custom to you

  5. Follow up one hour Zoom consultation within one month of the audit.


This is NOT about giving you a report to collect dust on a shelf: this is about taking realistic steps to up-level your brand based on your own aspirations, with my support to truly make it happen.