Having been a start-up myself only a few years ago, I understand the unique challenges that come up during this exciting but fragile period of time.

I see so many new freelancers or start-up business either totally neglect their brand OR become so crippled by perfectionism they stand still for a long time without picking up momentum & earning a reliable income. The latter can be especially true for ex-corporate people & those in creative industries. All the more so if you’ve also had some time out of the working-world.



  • You’re in your first year of business as a solo-entrepreneur

  • You have a professional background but you’re new to being self-employed

  • You’ve had your first few clients already & now want to develop your brand to attract more of the work you want

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed for where to begin & what to prioritise

  • You acknowledge some investment is needed but want to make wise decisions in these early days

  • You buy into the power of brand & know how important it is



Start-up brand mentoring will give you the sounding board & direction you need to feel confident about the choices that are in front of you. You’ll be able to share with me where you were, where you are & where you want to go & I’ll help you decide on your priorities to build up your portfolio of clients & your confidence too.

I can guide you through choosing a designer or DIYing your brand & how to do that well, photos & website design as well as social media visuals. You can also use the time with me to hone your strategy, target audience & points of differentiation. Your brand is built from the inside out, so we’ll focus the sessions on where you’ll gain the most benefit.


Start up brand mentoring follows this general process:

  1. Book & pay for your package here on my website

  2. Choose your slot in my diary for your first call

  3. Fill in a mini questionnaire to help me get to know you better

  4. We have a Zoom video call which lasts up to an hour

  5. We set your immediate tasks & schedule in your subsequent calls with me

  6. Keep going for as long as you want to!

Start-up mentoring is by application only, via my contact page