The Heart Healer

Brand Identity Creation

Sue Bolton is The Heart Healer, helping women in toxic relationships to re-find themselves & their sense of self worth. Using crystals, oils & coaching, Sue takes a holistic approach to healing that’s gentle yet effective. 

Kindness, courage & compassion all live in our hearts. Courage itself derives from the word ‘cor’ which is Latin for heart. So we wanted to create a brand that showed a courageous heart, fierce & wild – but in a way that emphasises Sue’s core strengths as an intuitive listener.

Sue also brings experience to the table, having designed her coaching programme on the back of her own experiences: everything she does comes from a place of authenticity & real-ness. 

The brand is the summer side of autumn. Coupling authenticity with flowing intuition. We also wanted to weave in the ethos of Courage, so show this through what is essentially a rebellion: The ocean is wild & free, building up & out of the heart, as a depiction of true inner courage. 

The main heart illustration was drawn by hand, by Jayne – our exceptionally talented artist & designer. She drew this several times over in order to perfect the fall of the waves & the balance between strength & softness. The supporting elements are also all illustrated by hand, which gives a truly unique, artisan finish.  

Colours, typography & patterning intentionally designed for Sue to appeal on an instinctive & emotional level with her clients, building that all-important trust from early on as they embark on a journey of self-discovery with her. Before a single line of copy is read, potential clients are forming an opinion of your brand so it’s important for The Heart Healer to capture the true essence of the brand & woman behind it in visuals & colour, in order to move people on tp read more about the services. 

The Heart Healer business cards
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Words from The Heart Healer…


Loved, loved, loved working with Cat The Brandologist in regards to my re-branding, I couldn’t have wished for a more thoroughly in-depth service. Cat takes the time to understand you, your business and your mission, you will be taken on a journey of deep discovery, before she even begins to design.

If you want a quick branded logo then Cat isn’t your person, if you want a deeply personal branding that encapsulates the essence of both you and your business then you need Cat, I really can not recommend her highly enough.

I never imagined just how much time and effort it takes someone to do this work. Cat will live and breathe your branding for the entire time she’s working with you, until she’s captured it in colour, font and design. Cat’s talent and dedication are amazing and her knowledge and expertise second to none.

If you are serious about getting the best branding for you and your business then Cat is your go to person.

Thank you Cat for all the hours, talent, creativity plus lots more, you and your team put into my branding, it is amazing.
— Sue Bolton, The Heart Healer