Creating the perfect brand to represent you and your business is a personal process that takes time & care.

You may have experienced this before or you may be new to a ‘done for you’ service like this. Either way, I want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Each brand consultant or design agency has their own creative process - but here’s how I work and what you can expect:





First things first, let’s get to know each other & figure out if we’re a good fit! We’ll talk via email & arrange a Zoom video call.


If we are both happy, I’ll formalise a quote that’s tailored to you. Usually this starts with the strategy & includes creating your brand identity, plus other options like your website design, photoshoot & social media templates.

book in

Once you’ve confirmed the services you’d like to go ahead with, you’ll receive an invoice for your deposit along a simple, online contract you can sign on your phone. You’ll be booked in to my schedule & get your initial date for your deep discovery session with me.

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You’ll have a little homework that will help me to shortlist a creative team. Your homework is custom to you & your journey, but it usually involves 2-3 key questions & a mini Pinterest board.

appoint creative team

And here’s where it’s such a benefit to use a freelance consultant like me rather than an agency…I’m beholden to no one. I will recommend designers, web designers, photographers & any other creative skills you need, based entirely on YOU. I’ll work to your budget & aim to give you a couple of options. We’ll always start with the graphic designer, as this is the one who’ll do your logo design.

project schedule

Now we have a creative team in place, you’ll receive your project schedule & a log in to your dedicated client area. You can use these milestones to plan your big launch. We’ll set up our regular catch up calls too so you always have visibility & can make decisions to move it all forwards. Your point of contact is always me, so it’s simple & consistent for you. Some of our meetings might also include the designer or photographer to make sure you build trust with them too.





The deep discovery session is the key meeting between us to allow me to truly get under the skin of you, your business & your vision.

I lead the session using my intuition & 15 years of experience to uncover the story of your brand. We’ll dig deep into the brand & any sub-brands too, exploring the past, present & future; your clients, your dreams, your challenges. Where you want the brand to get to & how you want to be perceived. We’ll talk about creative styles & what you love or don’t love too.

We’ll need 2-3 hours either in person or via Zoom, depending on location. This can be structured as a workshop for larger businesses too.

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You’ll wait for 2 weeks while I go off & do some serious contemplation, brainstorming & word mapping.

Every extraordinary brand begins with words: this part of the creative process is about turning over all that I’ve learned about you in my mind & heart, to excavate what sets you apart strategically. It’s intensive for me & you may receive the odd additional question during this time.


Now your brand vision is ready to be presented to you, this is usually an inspiring 90 minute session via Zoom.

You’ll see a presentation that excavates your strengths, personality & points of difference as a brand, as well as the emotions underpinning your client’s decision to choose you. If we’re looking at sub-brands too, I’ll draw the relationship between brands & how I see the strategy working for you.

As part of your brand vision presentation, I’ll guide you through my creative direction using colour psychology. That means you’ll learn your dominant & supporting seasons (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer).

You’ll see my carefully curated mood board with a potential colour scheme too. This is the beginning of seeing your magic as a brand brought to life visually & feels pretty exciting. Your brand vision will also be the basis for your website copy & will lend itself to many social media captions too.





The brief to your designer sets out very specifically what we do & don’t want them to do. It’s usually a form of some kind, followed by a meeting. Every designer works differently, so I take a fluid approach & adapt to their process.

I take care of the briefing for you but always let you know what’s happening & when, so you are free to join if you want to.


My role for you now becomes your Creative Director. I oversee all of the creative work & make sure we’re meeting the brief & Brand Vision.

Before you see anything, I would usually have several calls & emails with the designer to review their ideas & approach. I like to make sure you have strong creative options for communicating your brand story.


You’ll be presented with design concepts that show you the ideas. Depending on the designer’s process, this is usually two or three logo ideas with some supporting images to help you envisage how it might look as a full brand identity. Hand illustrated concepts might just be an initial sketch.

This is presented by me, or by me & the designer together. It’s an exciting time! But can feel nerve-wracking too.  I understand that & I’m here to make sure you get what you want. At this stage your choose the concept you resonate most with. This then goes to be developed & refined.

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I work behind the scenes with your designer to take into account your feedback & develop the leading idea. You would usually have a check-in call with me again so you can follow the progress.


We'll then build out the brand into a full visual language. My role is pretty hands-on with your designer & I personally look after some creative aspects such as typography (which I’m super passionate about!). Your new brand identity would usually include:

  • Logo, secondary logo & logo icon

  • Other brand icons or design elements

  • Patterns & textures

  • Typography recommendation covering headings, accents & body fonts

  • Colour palette


I work with the designer to polish & refine every little detail ready to deliver to you. I always look back over the Brand Vision & brief to make sure everything is exactly on point. No stone is left unturned & we’ll make sure your entire brand identity works cohesively to visually communicate all that your brand is, does & stands for.





The final brand pack consists of all of the assets that were agreed with your designer (such as your logo images, icons etc) & is put together into neat folders in Dropbox ready for you to use!

I check through all of the files to make sure you have the sizes & formats you need. We talk through this together to make sure you’re happy & I help you with how to install your fonts or answer other questions you might have.

You’re now ready to unleash your brand to the world. And I can promise you a feeling of true confidence as you see your brand that’s built purely on authenticity. You’ll feel inspired, excited & proud of where you’ve come to. Now time to implement your new brand identity across your platforms!


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Your website is usually your first port of call for launching your brand. I can choose a web designer for you or team up with whoever you use already to creatively direct them. With a commercial marketing background & a former web designer myself, I’m looking beyond your brand aesthetic: I’m helping you to structure your site for your business objectives so that website traffic becomes new business for you.


I’m hands-on for your copywriting - a clear & concise brand message that gently unravels the story of your brand is the difference between someone staying with you, enjoying your content & building a belief in you & what you are promising them. Your message needs to map back into your Brand Vision & compliment your new visual identity.


If your quote includes rolling out new business cards, note cards, course presentations, email templates, welcome packs etc I will get to work on this now for you. This is the fun bit where it all comes to life!


I can set up your brand kit in Canva & create a suite of social media templates for you that you’ll edit yourself day-to-day. You’ll get training from me on how to use them. This is a brilliant way consistent, on-brand look for content like motivational quotes or blog posts.


You can do as much of your brand roll out as you want to, & keep me by your side as a mentor with a set amount of time to share & talk through what you’re working on.





Brand photography is fundamental to your brand. We live in a visual world & you’ll need up to date, on-brand images to convey your personality & help your audience connect with you. Including it in your rebrand process with me means you’re assured it’s all on-brand as well as in practical formats for your launch.


Good branding photographers often get booked up months in advance, which is why I will have already appointed someone for you in step 02! As we approach the photoshoot date I’ll brief your photographer for you on the look we want to achieve that’s in line with your Brand Vision & your seasonal personality in colour psychology.

It’s also super important that you have some time with the them too! If you don’t feel comfortable in the limelight, please, please don’t worry. I know how this feels & I know how to make it more enjoyable & natural for you. Part of that is making sure you trust your photographer & have a good relationship with them.


Together we’ll all agree your location & you’ll make necessary bookings if needed. We’ll consider where it is, how on brand it is, costs & any related restrictions. Getting the location right is key to getting the perfect brand photography, it can take a little while to settle on the right place for you.


I will start a Pinterest board for all of us to collaborate on styles, poses & shot ideas. Overall we want to set the feel for the day as well as facilitate conversations about personal styling & props. This will be our online ideas area & general photography playground to help get prepared for the shoot.


Brand photography is so much deeper than headshots & it’s the little details that lift the photos into a more premium look. I work with you & your photographer to create a shot list that we feel tells the right visual story. I’ll also create a prop list that the three of us share, which is a bit like a shopping list of what to bring on the day.

Most photographers also like an outline timing plan with non-negotiables. The trick here is planning yet freedom too - we want to allow plenty of fluidity to go with what’s working & let your photographer shine brightly in their zone of genius! But I have a responsibility to you to make sure you get the marketing formats you need, the shots to enforce your brand message & that everything is styled well for your brand.


Like most people, you’re probably anxious about your photoshoot & not sure what to wear. Or how to have you hair, or whether to book a make-up artist.

For that reason you & I will have a dedicated call all about outfits & styling for your personal brand, so that you feel confident on the day. You can take photos & we’ll agree the plan together.


I’m there with you! I’ll help in literally anyway I can - this varies from strategically throwing leaves to carrying around changes of clothes, light reflectors & the shot list. I have even removed dead wildlife before to get the perfect shot!

My absolute priority is making sure you come away with on-brand photos that you can use in your website & marketing. This involves working as a team with your photographer, reviewing their shots, discussing the lighting & environment & also the composition of the shots.

But most importantly, I help to relax you & my presence means you only need to worry about yourself, not the final results.

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Finally, the wait is over & you have your gallery from the photographer!

But which photos are best? I’ll help you choose & will guide you on what’s going to work where, taking into account your lead messages, your platforms & also the customer journey. If you have sub-brands, courses or a Membership, we’ll look at how to use your photos strategically to give consistency across all of these multiple locations.

I’ll save my selection into a folder for you, so you’ll have a short list of killer shots for your brand.


This stage is very closely linked to the roll out, but if had placeholder images in place now’s the time to go back & update with your extraordinary & on-brand photos! I can also now create a launch pack of images & messages that you can use for social media, if that is a service you’d like.

Now it’s launch time. Your polished & intentional brand identity is in place, connecting you to the dream clients you most want. Hurrah!





If you’ve got this far, I’d say it’s time for us to have a chat to see whether we’re a good fit! Use the contact form on my website & I’ll be in touch within 48 business hours. I’m excited to hear from you!