Working together



Teaming up with a brand consultant isn’t for everyone. If you’re a business owner looking for a quick fix logo or some branding that will ‘do for now’, I am not the right person to help you. On the other hand, if you you’re ready to uplevel into the next chapter of your business – & do things properly, with intention – then keep reading.  


I love to work with small businesses & personal brands who have a lot of personality & heart in their brand. You pour your passion & energy into what you do, because there’s a bigger reason you want to succeed. Yes, you want financial success, but you need it to feel right & to have a positive impact.

You don’t follow trends & you trust your instincts. You may even be a bit of a rebel. You’ve got a fantastic reputation already but know that you the person can’t be everywhere; you want to bottle the spirit of yourself or your small team, & create an online presence that’s utterly authentic, compelling & extraordinary, taking your business to the next level.


Brand goes well beyond design. Just like a story goes well beyond it’s cover image.

Brand is  what other people subconsciously feel about you. Your visual brand is what they often see first; be it your website, instagram posts or your business card. 

As a creative brand consultant, I am totally focused on creating a brand that communicates on the outside, the precise magic that’s on the inside. Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Deep & immersive dive into who you are & what you stand for, defining what your brand is & why your ideal clients should crave it

  • My visual encapsulation of your brand essence that you don’t need to try to empty from your head & find the right words for

  • Someone to share the load: a rebrand is a lot of work when done properly, working with me means you can share this with me. You won’t have to take lots of time away from your business, yet you always stay in the driving seat 

  • I pair you up with the best designer, photographer, web designer & any other skills we think you need to launch your brand; you don’t have to worry about finding the best person, negotiating costs or what you say to them

  • You can effortlessly create a cohesive, polished visual brand by having me as a Creative Director to oversee every element – not just one area in isolation

  • The confidence to know what the story is that you’re communicating visually, using my 15 years of experience in the brand & marketing world

Cat is HIGHLY gifted at tuning into you, your message, your clients, and translating that into a visual representation. It is so much fun to work with someone who truly loves what she does.
— Kriss Lumsden, Astrologer, USA

It has been a journey I will never forget. Cat is so warm, down to earth and just makes so much more sense of my story and message than even I could. My new brand identity looks even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined & actually couldn’t possibly be any more authentically me.
— Rebecca Lockwood, NLP Coach & Membership